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Although online casinos that are based in European country of Albania are not as plentiful, the government regulations in Albania are lax enough to allow Albanians citizens to play casino games for real money without too many worries of legal sanctions, regardless of where the site is based. Although many of the major casinos will allow Albanian players to register and play for real money, there is often an issue of currency conversions.

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Albanian citizens will need to confirm that the casino gaming site of choice will accept the currency that their deposit method will process funds in, and sometimes there may be some restrictions to work around in order to make sure that the allowed currencies are used.

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To make the determination of the best casino site to play at from Albania, it is best to evaluate all the deposit methods that are accepted and also to make sure that the chosen deposit method is reliable and allowed in Albania. Following are some of the common methods used by Albanian citizens for online casino play:

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Neteller: Neteller is a third party payment processor that offers a buffer between your credit card and financial information and the casino site of your choice. Upon registering an account with Neteller, you can fund your Neteller account and then subsequently use those funds to replenish your casino gaming account. To fund your Neteller account, you will need to use either your debit or credit card, or your checking account. In some instances, transfers from a checking account will take some time to clear, however deposits made with your credit or debit card will be available immediately.

Once your Neteller account is funded, you will be able to fund your casino gaming account at any Web site that accepts Neteller as a payment option. Neteller is a fairly standard payment processor and virtually all international casino sites accept Neteller, so if this processor is your payment method of choice, you will have no problem finding a place to play. Numerous Albanian players utilize Neteller as their payment option of choice because their service is reliable, secure and fast.

Ukash: A newer option available to Albanian residents is Ukash, which is also internationally recognized. Ukash is also quick and easy and the processor works through vouchers that can be purchased at multiple retail locations. Those interested in finding a Ukash location that is close to their location can find one on the Ukash Web site. Ukash vouchers are purchased with cash and with the voucher, you will receive a 19-digit PIN code that can be used to redeem the funds at any online casino that accepts Ukash as a form of payment.

Although this method requires a trip to the local store, many Albanian players appreciate that fact that Ukash allows them to keep their credit card and banking information completely private. In addition, the source of the vouchers coming from a local retail location offers another level of security in the event that a problem arises with the deposit. Where other processors may only have the option of obtaining assistance through a telephone operator, Ukash can offer some support through the retailer that the voucher was purchased at.

Beyond these two popular methods, there is always the option for Albanians to use their Visa or Mastercard credit card directly with any casino site. While this method may pose some security concerns, a reputable casino site will alleviate those concerns while maintaining the convenience that credit cards offer. Ultimately, Albanian citizens will find many options available to play casino games of their choice without too many hassles along the way.