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Residents of Belgium will not find themselves short on options when it comes to playing casino games online. Most sites as well as most major payment processors welcome residents from Belgium with a wide variety of funding and playing options. Online casinos have become more and more popular in Belgium and there are numerous new businesses that have sprouted within Belgium to accommodate the newly growing demands for online casino play.

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With so many options available to Belgium players, if could be overbearing in figuring out where to start. There are two basic decisions to make, where to play, and how to fund your online gaming. The factors that your final decision should rely on should be safety, cost-efficiency and reliability.

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Most online casino gamers in Belgium opt to use their credit or debit cards directly on the site of their choice. Nearly every casino site accepts Visa and Mastercard and in addition, there is also an option to use the Visa Electron debit card. Using credit cards is often concluded to be the quickest and easiest way to start your online play.

Using a credit card on a casino site is not too different than using a credit card on any other Web site. All that is involved is to confirm the amount you want to charge as well as your billing information and that typically leads to a deposit confirmation. In most instances, upon confirmation, your funds will be available for game play immediately, however some sites do require up to 24 hours to process credit card transactions. Check with the casino site ahead of time to see what the funds availability policies are.

For those Belgium players that choose to play at Belgium based Web sites, there is often an additional funding option that allows players to fund directly from their bank account. The availability of the funds range from real time to a few days for the transfers to clear. Some sites will offer a limit for instant transactions, where any transactions beyond that limit will not be instantly available and will need a few days to clear. Check the policies of the casino site of your choice, as well as your bank to make sure that the transfers are possible in the timeframe that you expect.

There are many Belgium-based casino players that prefer not to use their credit card directly on a site. In these instances, the best option is to use a third party processor, such as Neteller. Neteller is among the most popular of third party processors. The way their service works when you open a Neteller account, you are able to maintain a virtual wallet. Though you will still use your credit card or bank account to fund your online casino game play, only Neteller will have access to your credit card or bank information.

Bulgarian casino players can fund your Neteller account, and then Neteller will subsequently deposit to your casino account upon demand while preserving the privacy of your financial information. Neteller funds are also generally available immediately, however bear in mind that in funding your Neteller account, if you choose to use your bank account as the source for your funds, there may be a short timeframe in allowing your funds to clear. The advantage to using services such as Neteller is that out of all the various sites that you choose to play at, no one will ever see your financial information.

As you can see, Belgium players are not short of options when it comes to online casino play.  As the casino market continues to grow in Belgium, the options are sure to increase as well. In the meantime, the most important element of your casino experience is to have fun!

Best Online Casinos In Bulgaria

The best online casinos for Bulgarians are the ones you win the most at! Our staff is hard at work reviewing and playng at online casinos in Bulgaria.Soon we will have a list of the top ten casinos to deposit at from Bulgaria, these reccomendations will be based on but not limited to bonus size and frequency, comps and loytalty programs overall value, loosest payouts for slots and favorable table rules for card games with jackpots.

We are committed to only reccomending the safest and most trust casinos to our casino players from Bulgaria, we only reccomend playing at casino sites with easy deposit and cashout methods and a track record of reputable custsomer support.