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The game of Blackjack has origin in Europe that is closely related to Italian, French and Spanish card games that share the same concept. The history goes as far back as the 1700's. The eleventh century's history books speak of games that operate on the same objective, which is for its players to aim for a specific total value. A lot of games derived from Blackjack, such as Baccarat.

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History Of Blackjack Games And Casino Variations

By the 18th century in France, the name of the Blackjack game had been given Vingt-et-un, which means 21 in the English language. It is a rather easy game for anyone to learn and enjoy playing. As a result, the game instantly became a huge hit and growing in popularity as it vastly spread across the world. Over time, the French name somehow got changed into Van John and Pontoon over in England. Australia would refer to it as Pontoon alone. The game is said to have been a nice distraction to American soldiers during World War II. When it was brought back to America, it aided in the games popularity where now people are involving money with it. Blackjack is known to be second to the game of Craps in terms of just how much money is lost and won by its players. It has maintained one of the world’s most favorite card games and has been for centuries.

How To Play Blackjack Casino Games For Real Money

Blackjacks basic concept is to beat the dealer by reaching or getting as close to the sum of 21 without exceeding that number. In the game of Blackjack, the dealer must continue taking an extra card (known as a ‘hit’) until he or she reaches a sum of 17 or higher. This process is referred to as standing on all 17s. If the dealers hand consists of an Ace, then it is required to be counted as 11 instead of 1.

The player is at a disadvantage in versions of the game where the dealer is able to hit on a soft 17, meaning Ace has a value of 11 in hands where:

The Ace is coupled with a 6-valued card.

The Ace is coupled with a 2-valued card plus a 4-valued card. The Ace is couple with another Ace plus a 5-valued card.

In the game of Blackjack there is a rule called surrender.  This action gives the player the ability to give up (surrender) fifty percent of his or her bet and call it quits early on in the game. It is a rule of Blackjack that is rarely recognized in the various versions of the game, however.

There are quite a bit of sites that provide free and valuable information to players just starting to learn about Blackjack. The game is best played in its simplicity than complicating matters with complex strategies. The winning odds vary from one casino to the next. But if a player takes the time to understand the rules of the game, like when to hit and when to stand, then the game can be quite profitable.

The great game of Blackjack can be played for fun with family, friends or online without involving money or it can be played for fun with money. Either way, the game may be centuries old, but is by no means a boring or aged game. It is, in fact, an exciting card game that many people worldwide enjoy playing.