Let 'Em Ride Casino Games

Let Em Ride is a poker-based game, also known as Let it Ride. A manufacturing company called Shuffle Master, that creates gambling devices, introduced the game in 1993. It is a new type of poker game and so popular that it is now being offered at over two hundred casinos in twelve states in the USA.  In this game, players have a shot at a big jackpot. For the player that desires control, this game will most certainly be a good fit. Players that bet are able to take some of their wager back at the same time dealing of the cards is occurring. This is probably the major attraction behind the success of the game having such a structure so unique as that. Let Em Ride is an easy and fun game to learn and play.

Play Let Em Ride Games Online

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How To Play Let Em Ride Casino Games Online

Let Em Ride is played on a casino games table with its own layout. The games is not played against the dealers or other players, a player only goes up against a pay schedule, attempting to get the best possible poker hand possible. On each hand, the player makes three equal wagers to each other and it must be the minimum permitted wager or more. For example, if there is a five-dollar minimum set for bets, then a player must wager, at very minimum, five dollars on each of the betting circles on the table, making the total hand a $15 bet. There are a total of three on the tables layout. The betting circles are numbered on the table. A player can have the option to take back the very first bet he or she makes. That is usually due to it being difficult to turn three cards into a good hand in poker.

Let Em Ride Casino Game Payouts And Bonuses


Some casinos offer a bonus to players from $50 to $20,000. And to be eligible for the bonus payoffs, players would need to place one more dollar against any of the following hands:

  • Flush, which will earn the player an additional $50 bonus.
  • Full House, which will earn the player an additional $75 bonus.
  • Four-of-a-Kind, which will earn the player an additional $200 bonus.
  • Straight, which will earn the player an additional $20 bonus.
  • Straight Flush, which will earn the player an additional $2,000 bonus.
  • Royal Flush, which will earn the player an additional $20,000 bonus.

It is important to note that bonus amounts will vary from casino to casino. The potential is huge to cash in on a lot of money. The opportunity is certainly there. Players, more than anything else, put intuitive strategies into play. At minimum, a set of tens is needed to receive payment. And since that is the case, then it would best for any particular player to let bets ride when he or she has tens or above. Even in times when its less than tens, players should let em ride to possibly gain higher paying hands. But this decision would be entirely an intuitive call.