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Finland's Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has been working over the past year on legislation to effectively ban online gaming within the country. The government of Finland plans to create a new state-run agency that would still allow online casino play for real money, but only on their platform. A great number of online casino gamers in Finland are very disturbed by this proposed legislation, which will essentially create a Finnish government monopoly on all online gaming activities. If the proposed law is passed, foreign and international online casino providers will no longer be allowed to accept membership applications from casino players in Finland. Finnish citizens who currently play on foreign gaming sites will automatically have their accounts closed.

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At this time, online casino depositing players in Finland are still allowed to gamble on international casino sites, while the proposed law continues to go through the legislative process. Several attempts have been made in the past to implement similar laws, but as long as the legislation has not yet been approved, many international online casino sites will continue to accept registrations from Finnish real money casino depositing players. These sites generally allow a number of different options for real money deposits, so you should research carefully to determine the method that best suits your needs.

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Credit cards are the method of choice for most online casino players in Finland, because they provide a simple and very quick method to deposit cash into an online casino account. There is usually no need to wait for funds to be processed or clear when using a bank credit card, as these transactions are processed instantly. Therefore, a deposit made from a credit card is highly desirable to those who are looking for instant access to their online funds.

Some online casino gamers, however, have experienced problems when depositing funds from a credit card. Financial institutions sometimes instantly deny transactions to online gaming providers; therefore, if your bank recognizes a deposit as an online casino site transfer, they may automatically deny the transaction. While this will not incur any financial penalties, it will necessitate finding an alternative method of funding your online account. In addition, many credit card companies treat deposits to online gaming sites as cash advances – which means that you could be charged significant transaction fees high interest rates on these types of deposits.

An “e-wallet” service such as Neteller can be a much better method for conducting transactions with online gaming sites. Neteller permits the linkage of your credit card or bank account to an online third-party account. As soon as this account is funded and linked, you can access those funds to make online purchases or transactions, including online casino gaming deposits. A great number of international online casino site accept Neteller deposits, and many of those providers actually recommend Neteller as their method of choice. When conducting a deposit transaction with Neteller account, you need only provide your Neteller account information and the amount of the deposit. It is not necessary to supply any private information to the online casino site regarding your credit card or bank account. Therefore, when making real money deposits to an online gaming site using a service such as Neteller, you can be assured that the extra security features will keep your personal information safe.