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Government officials in France successfully outlawed all forms of online gaming in 2007 within the country (other than those offered by the proprietary agency run by the state). Therefore, the French government holds what is essentially a monopoly on online gaming in the country; however, the European Union is taking action against the French government in order to force them to open online gaming to other nations within the European Union. If this is effort is successful, most international sites will void the existing bans on online casino players in France who seek to register with their sites.

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Just over twelve months ago, the government of France made an effort to enact a law preventing all French institutions from accepting payments from online gaming sites that are based outside of the country. This proposal amounted to an attempt to regulate the number of French citizens using online casinos and gaming sites based outside of France itself. While this regulation has succeeded in decreasing the cash flow from deposits from French bank accounts to online casino accounts based outside of France by a significant amount, they have not seen a real reduction in the number of online casino players in France who utilize sites outside of their jurisdiction.

In fact, there have so far been no cases reported of any French citizen being charged with a crime, in spite of the French government's ban regarding play for real money on out-of-country online gaming sites. In fact, thousands of French citizens enjoy online casino gaming, and continue to frequent international sites. Since the passing of this regulation regarding online casino gaming on foreign sites, the process of funding real money online casino accounts is increasingly difficult for players in France.

France Online Casino Deposit

Because French banks are not allowed to process transactions between French citizens and foreign online gaming sites, citizens of France are prevented from making direct online casino deposits from their accounts. However, by casino depositing from France by using a service such as Neteller (or any other “e-wallet service), it is possible for French casino depositors to create a link from their credit cards or bank accounts to other third-party online accounts. Once that is accomplished, an online gaming site can be funded through such an account.

It is not only inexpensive, but also simple to use a service such as Neteller to deposit at an online casino from France. No transactions fees are charged by the majority of online casino sites for deposits that come through Neteller, and only a negligible commission is charged on such transactions. Clearly, the benefits of the service outweigh the fee.

You will first need to provide your bank account information or credit card number to Neteller in order to make an online casino deposit. Once your information is verified, it is never necessary to provide private account information. Players should know, however, that the verification process for a new account may require 4-5 days for completion.

Many banks permit transfers to Neteller, as such an account may be used for a variety of online transactions. Therefore, the likelihood of such a transaction being denied is very small. Once your Neteller account is linked to your bank account or credit card, the process is verified, you can make transfers to an online gaming provider instantly.  As the world’s most famous e-wallet service, Neteller is accepted by nearly all of the major online casino providers.