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Because online casino gaming has experienced a great rise in popularity in recent years, many thousands of Greek citizens have been able to enjoy it. The Greek government, however, has been so far unwilling to take advantage of this expanding market.

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In fact, a formal ban has been placed by Greece on all online gaming sites that operate outside of the jurisdictions of the country. This ban has had the result of preventing citizens of Greece from participating in gaming at online casino sites not registered with State approval. This places severe limits on the number of options for online casino players in Greece in terms of sites on which to play and methods for funding real money casino accounts online. Several options do exist in Greece, however, and being aware of these options is the best way to get involved in the excitement of online casino gaming.

The European Union has been working over the past year or so with Greek government officials to void the formal ban on participation on foreign online gaming sites. The European Union depends on free-trade and open commerce. For this reason, the Greek ban on foreign online gaming sites  is considered in violation of these rules. In addition, the European Union has refused to support any monopoly on online gaming within Greece. While these issues have yet to be resolved, It is still possible for Greek citizens to participate in online casino sites based in other jurisdictions. The haziness of various laws and their potential ramifications, however, have prevented many Greek citizens from playing on foreign online casino sites.

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No matter what the gaming site, though, Greek citizens have a number of options for funding online real money casino accounts. As a matter of fact, Greece is one of few countries where citizens are permitted to use PayPal to fund online casino accounts. PayPal is known as one of the most secure and safest way to transfer funds online, and is widely used throughout the world for many types of online transactions. It is a great convenience for Greek citizens to be able to directly fund their online casino accounts from a PayPal account. This is one of the easiest ways to begin playing with real money in online casinos.

Other than PayPal, the next most viable option for funding an online casino account is a credit card.Casino deposits from Greece using credit cards are generally instant transactions, which makes them one of the easiest and fastest ways to get transfer money to an online casino account. Visa and MasterCard deposits into online casinos are generally accepted by most Greek online casinos, and most will permit debit card transactions, as well. It is important, however, to check with your credit card provider prior to making a deposit in order to ascertain whether you will be responsible for any cash advance fees or transaction charges.

In addition to PayPal casino depositing, some other third-party payment processors (such as Neteller) can be a viable option for online casino players in Greece. These types of services permit users to deposit funds from their credit cards or bank accounts without the requirement of providing any personal account information to an individual online site. For players who have security concerns, this is an excellent safeguard.  These types of services are quick and easy to use. Most charge no enrollment fee, and once your account is verified, you can get started right way depositing into your online casino account.