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There has been an incredible boost in the popularity of online casino gaming in India, especially in real money play. While India still boasts only a few real-money online casino sites, players in India have a wide variety of international online casino sites from which to choose. Among these Indian casino sites, there are a variety of casino deposit options. In order to begin playing online casino games, it is useful to have a good understanding of the various funding alternatives.

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India Casino Depositing

Some of the most popular methods of depositing for online casino play in India is Paypal casino deposits, moneybookers casinos, and casino e-cheques. E-checks permit players to deposit funds to an account through their checking accounts. The casino site then withdraws funds directly from the checking account, just as they might process a paper check. However, this method is not widely accepted by many online casino sites. In addition, the major of banks refuse to process e-checks for online casino use.

However, online casino players in India also may use a credit or debit card to fund online deposits and transactions. The majority of international online casino sites accept both Visa and MasterCard deposits. It is quick and easy to make a deposit by credit card, and it typically requires only that you provide your name and credit card number. Players should be aware, however, that certain banks in India and elsewhere charge substantial interest rates and transaction fees for such deposits when they are made to an online gaming site. You should contact your bank in order to determine their policies regarding any potential charges you may incur for online casino transactions.

Another good option for online players in India is Neteller. This system allows you to make deposits to an online third-party account directly from your bank. Because Neteller can be used to pay for any number of online transactions – from books, to music, to clothing -- it is less likely that your bank will charge a transaction fee for such a deposit. Once you have opened and funded an account with Neteller, you will be able to transfer funds instantly from Neteller to your desired online casino site. In addition to the fact that Neteller deposits are accepted by many international gaming sites, the Neteller system is reliable, efficient, and economical.