Inteligo Casino

One of the first online financial institutions located in Poland was Inteligo Financial Services which was first opened early in 2001, the Inteligo service is based on the same platform as PayPal, which makes it simple for customers to quickly and reliably make online casino site deposits.  Since its inception, Inteligo has experience rapid growth in business, and has become one of the most popular online payment services in Poland.

Because Inteligo utilizes the PKO Bank Polski network (Poland’s most extensive commercial bank system), most Polish banks are linked to the Inteligo system server. Inteligo is a great casino deposit option for customers to get instant funds from a bank account, transfers or other transactions such as depositing into an online casino account with a Inteligo casino.

Customers using Inteligo to deposit at casinos have instant access to their bank accounts and are able to withdraw or transfer funds to any number of different online merchants, including online casino sites. In order to determine whether your bank account is linked to the Inteligo system, check with your financial institution. If so, you will have the opportunity to make use of this fantastic service.

Inteligo Casino Sites

Below you will find our complete list of reccomend casino sites that accept Inteligo as a deposit option for casino gamers. Only trusted and reviewed Inteligo casinos that have good track records as easy to deposit at for Polish casino gamers and also a proven history of fast withdrawal and cashout payments. See below for links to our casino reviews on Inteligo Casinos to deposit and get lucky at.

Inteligo Casino Deposit

Most banks in Poland will instantly process a casino deposit with Inteligo. In some cases, however, it may take up to 3 days to complete processing. Naturally, this is viewed as a great inconvenience by online casino players who want instant casino deposit with their cash in order to reload or fund online casino real money accounts, perhaps to chase a bonus. For instant access to casino funds, other options may be more viable. It is always best to check with your bank to determine their policies regarding processing times for various online transactions.

The majority of online casino sites under Polish jurisdiction permit deposits to be made via Inteligo. In fact, many foreign online casino sites also accept Inteligo deposits -- particularly if they happen to have a large customer base in Poland. Some of the more popular sites that currently permit deposits via Inteligo. In order to determine whether a particular online casino site permits deposits from Inteligo, you must log in to their deposit or cashier options page and see if the Inteligo icon is displayed.

Once you determine that an online casino provider will accept deposits from Inteligo, then conducting such a transaction is easy. You will first be required to give your account information, and the desired amount to be deposited. Your transaction will most usually be instantly accomplished, and will immediately generate a confirmation message.  The funds deposited should be available for immediate use. However, be sure to check with your financial institution before trying to make an Inteligo deposit, as certain banks may impose various processing times and delays in availability, depending on their individual transaction policies.