Neteller Casino

Neteller is an e-wallet online payment system that will allow its customers to deposit funds to online casinos in a completely safe environment. They are one of the leading online payment systems. Ever since this service was launched, back in 1999, Neteller managed to increase its customer base a lot, and right now they reached almost 1,000,000 users from all over the world and more than 1500 merchants that include the most important online casinos on the internet.

Best Neteller Accepting Casino Sites

Neteller has offices all over the world, that are going to take care of the customers located in a certain region, and with a headquarter located in the Isle of Man, that is near England. Online statistics are show that during the year of 2003 Neteller managed to process more than $1.5 billion dollars, that has remained fairly steady all the way through 2009.

The moment you sign up for Neteller, you will have the ability to deposit money, and transfer them over to online casinos instantly.

Neteller Casino Sites

Almost all reputable casinos accept Neteller as a deposit option, using Neteller to fund casino accounts is reccomended for safe and secure transactions.  While all casino sites might accept Neteller for deposit and cashouts, not all casinos are reccomended by our staff.  In order to be sure you are playing at a highly reputable online casino accepting Neteller deposits, play at one of the casinos we reccomend below:

Neteller Casino Deposit

Funding your Neteller account to gamble at online casinos is simple, all you have to do is select a payment method and send the money. Right now you are able to fund your Neteller account by InstaCash, Electronic Funds Transfer, Bank Deposit, Credit Cards. One of the fastest ways to fund your Neteller account is by using your credit card. All the payments are going to be made instantly this way. But in case you are planning to play at an online casino a larger amount of money, you should go for a more cost effective payment method.

In case you would like to withdraw money from your Neteller account there are currently three payment methods available: Electronic Funds Transfer, Check, Credit Card.

Neteller Casino Deposit Fees

There are some fees the moment you decide to use Neteller as your online payment method. There is also a fee in case you would like to transfer money to another Neteller user but the fee is going to be very small compared to the amount that you are sending.

There is a transfer fee that you will have to pay the moment you will send money to an online casino by using Neteller, but fortunately most online casinos are covering themselves these fees, so you will not have to worry about paying any fees in order to deposit money.

Neteller Casino Security

Neteller is being used by so many online casino players thanks the fact that it’s one of the most secure ways to pay and to play. You will no longer have to waste your time worry about the security problems that you might encounter. Neteller is all about keeping your money safe. They are using a system of SSL certificates that will allow you to verify all the time that you are connected at the NETELLER website. There are also many physical security measures that are there to protect the system working all the time.

The moment you will start using Neteller you will stop to worry about internet fraud, which includes both identity theft and credit card fraud.