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The regulation of all online casinos in Russia was put into effect in late December 2006 by  Russia's (former) President Vladimir Putin. This meant that only within four zones could government run casinos be operated and regulated. The bill still makes it difficult for Russians to play at online casino sites for real money. However, Russian gamblers do find it easy to fund and withdraw from online casinos. Although the bill is still in effect, the amount of online players is growing throughout Russia and continues to run without much consequence.

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Even as the legislative environment surrounding online gambling is uncertain, gambling from the privacy and comfort of home has been exploding in all countries – with Russia literally leading the pack. This makes it impossible to stop players from gambling and playing online for real money on casino Web sites outside of the jurisdiction of Russia's government. There are no reported cases of Russians being charged for online gambling through foreign casino Web sites, leaving a loophole for Russians to gamble freely. The thrill of online casinos for real life funds is enjoyed by thousands of Russian citizens without any consequence. However, sometimes it can be difficult for Russian citizens to deposit funds quickly and easily into their online casino and gaming accounts.

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Finding a reputable online casino for Russians with fast and easy deposit and withdrawal options can be a bit difficult. Our staff has played at every casino we recommend to Russian players in order to verify our links and deposit codes gain all players the best instant deposit bonuses and rewards, as well as fast access to Russian casino players winnings.

Online Casino Deposit In Russia

Any transactions made to or by online gambling Web sites will not be authorized by credit cards and banking institutions throughout Russia due to the ban set into place by President Putin. Russian depositors will face an immediate rejection from credit card issuers and banking institutions stating that due to current laws being enforced, the transactions are illegal and not allowed by government forces. Getting real money deposited into online gambling accounts can seem impossible for most players if they do not have the appropriate means of transferring funds.

A third party payment processor can be the salvation to these restrictions for online casino players who wish to fund their online accounts. One popular service provided by Neteller allows players to use their bank account or credit cards to send payments to online casino sites without being halted by banking institutions or credit card issuers due to government restrictions. Players have the ability to connect their credit cards or bank accounts through Neteller and process the payments through a secure and hidden pathway directly to the online casino sites. The banking institution or credit card companies do not have a way to follow the money from their end to where Neteller redirects, thus protecting the transactions and allowing funds to actually pass through undetected.

Russian players are able to use this method because their banks and credit card companies will accept transactions from third party payment processors without incident.  This means that online casino players that use real money in their games will have to most likely use a third party payment processor to play within the jurisdiction of Russia. It is a safe and easy way to get real money into their accounts while protecting them from fraud and identity theft.