Solo Card Casino

The Solo debit card is similar to the Visa Electron or the MasterCard Maestro, and is a popular system in the United Kingdom. The Solo card is widely accepted by most casinos who take debit or credit card payments. Online card use is also becoming very popular, with many e-commerce merchants authorizing the Solo card as an acceptable form of payment for online casino deposits and purchases.

Best Solo Card Accepted Casino Sites

Similar to the way in which the Visa Electron works, the Solo card system requires that users have sufficient funds available in a linked bank account in order to authorize a transaction. Online retailers and merchants in the United Kingdom required a system that can check a customer's bank account instantly to determine if sufficient cleared funds are available to authorize a sale or a deposit transaction. The Solo card deposit method has been enacted to ensure that customers do not overdraft their bank accounts and merchants need not be concerned about insufficient funds on transactions from debit or credit cards.

Solo Card Casino Sites

Nearly all online casino sites that are located with the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom will accept payments from a Solo debit card. Many foreign online casinos also will accept the Solo card – but with the stipulation that a given site allows the registration of players in the United Kingdom. Of the online casino sites that currently allow Solo deposits, some of the more popular ones include Betfair Casino and Doyles Casino.

No fee is charged at casinos that accept Solo debit cards for online real money deposits. However, a number of online casino sites require a minimum deposit per transaction, which is most commonly equal to approximately fifty dollars. Casino deposits made with a Solo card are generally credited instantly. It may, however, take several hours before funds become available depending upon the individual casino site.

Solo Card Casino Deposit

Solo cards are issued online to customers in the UK, a number of other countries also accept Solo card transactions. Many e-commerce merchants that accept debit or credit card payments also will authorize Solo card transactions.  Because the Solo card operates essentially as a debit card, it is accepted virtually everywhere that debit cards can be used. The only difference is that a casinos deposit system must be capable of checking a customer's bank balance to verify that sufficient funds are available to cover a transaction.

Certain banks that issue Solo debit cards do not allow transactions with online casino sites. Many of these banks have denoted specific online sites to which they payments are instantly rejected. In order to determine whether your online casino provider is on such a list, you will need to contact your bank. You should also be certain to inquire whether charges or fees are imposed when depositing money to online gaming sites. In this way, you will not be subject to any unexpected fees when conducting an online deposit transaction.