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The Swiss Gambling and Casino Act of 1998, legally forbids all types of online gambling within Switzerland. This law succeeded in scaring loads of people from playing games in online casinos for actual money; but the complete effect of this bill is yet to be witnessed. Our players still deposit and win rom Switzerland every single day!

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Even though the Swiss administration has officially confirmed online gambling as banned, there has been surprisingly no case charged against anyone for committing the offense and in fact, there exists no foolproof enforcement of this law.

The 1998 bill undoubtedly made it difficult for the innumerable Swiss online casino players to enjoy the game and strictly inhibited the easy transactions of real money to the online casino players’ accounts. After the implementation of the law, which bans online gambling in Switzerland, online casino players face difficulties in transferring real money into online casino accounts. Nevertheless, there exists some viable options to transfer money to the accounts but the online casino players must pay attention to the pros and cons while considering any of the online deposit alternatives.

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In light of the uncertain legal situation for internet gamblers from Switzerland, our staff has been hard at work finding the best Switzerland online casino sites to recommend to our Swiss players. Our staff works hard to ensure all Swiss casinos we recommend to our players guarantee the best bonuses and rewards for players using our deposit codes and links when making new real money account. Our staff also verifies each casino we endorse ensures fast and easy casino deposits and withdrawals for our players. If you are looking to deposit and gamble at online casinos from Switzerland, this is the page to bookmark and visit at each new deposit to make sure you win the most money.

Switzerland Online Casino Deposit

In many countries, online casino players can make deposits openly and legally from their credit card or bank accounts. However in Switzerland, online casino players cannot enjoy this privilege due to the laws strictly forbidding online gambling within the country. All Swiss banks firmly discourage any dealings or transactions in direct contact with online casinos and any approaches to do so will eventually result in instant denial of fund transfers.

Similar to Swiss banks, the credit card companies in Switzerland also refuse direct transactions to any online gambling sites. However it is possible for a Swiss debit card holder like Visa Electron to request online deposits to any casino site. To check your chances for directly depositing money to any online casino, you can call the company that issued your credit card and inquire about their policies on direct dealings with online gambling sites.

There is a possibility that many of these companies will charge high fees for the transactions made directly to the online gambling providers as many of them will consider the transfers to be a cash advance which carries a much higher interest rate, as well as additional fees to conduct the transaction.

The best choice for online casino players in Switzerland will be to fund their online accounts with real money using the third-party payment processing resources. These payment processors, usually called e-wallets, will give users the option for making real money deposits either from their credit cards or bank accounts, but without having a directly transfer any of the funds to an online casino provider.

Instead, the deposits will be made initially with any online third-party accounts, which can later be used for making deposits or payments to all sorts of online merchants. Since these types of transactions are not made directly with the online gambling sites, the credit card companies and banks will not reject your transaction. This will add a certain degree of security while depositing in your online casino accounts as well as it allows you to make the deposits without having to provide personal information to any online gambling site that may or may not be secure.

Although online casinos may be discouraged by the government, you will find numerous options to keep your playing active through the many international resources available online internationally. Be sure to evaluate all your options and to make sure that you fully understand the options available to you, and most importantly, the costs to the various options.