US Casino Deposit Options

The list of US casino deposit options isn’t quite as long as it used to be thanks to certain banking regulations but there are still plenty of deposit methods that US players can use to get started. Not all US casinos have all of these deposit options but these are the most common. You can easily find out which deposit options your casino offers by visiting its cashier page and initiating a deposit.

Best Us Casino Sites To Deposit At

US Casino Deposit Using Visa And Mastercard

Credit card casino deposits are the simplest and most popular deposit methods for casino players from the United States. These transactions are fast and simple but there are two drawbacks:

Banks occasionally block credit card deposits to online casinos due to banking regulations. If that happens to you, you will either have to try another credit card or try one of the other deposit methods listed on this page.

Withdrawals cannot be credited back to your credit card. If you end up with a win, you will either have to wait for a paper check or sign up and make a small deposit with one of the other deposit methods. Paper checks are reliable but some people don’t like the idea of waiting for a check in the mail.

The best solution is to go ahead and make a small deposit with one of the other methods at the same time you make your main deposit with your credit card. With that out of the way, you can deposit with your credit card and then withdraw via electronic transfer through one of the other deposit methods.

UseMyWallet US Casino Deposit

UseMyWallet functions in basically the same manner as Paypal. You sign up for an account, transfer some money to your UseMyWallet account and then use that account to transfer your money to your online casino.

In order to sign up for a UseMyWallet account, you must first get an invitation from an online casino. All you have to do is create an account at that casino and then call or e-mail their customer service team to get your invitation. This is done for security reasons and it doesn’t take long at all.

After you have a UseMyWallet account, you can quickly deposit at any online casino without having to whip out your credit card every time. Many players enjoy the added security of not having to give out their credit card numbers to multiple online casinos.

The UseMyWallet service comes with two fees: a 5% fee for deposits and a $30 fee for withdrawals. For small deposit amounts, the 5% fee is acceptable but if you plan on depositing a large amount, we recommend you use eWalletXpress instead.

US Casino Deposit Using EwalletXpress

EwalletXpress works in much the same manner as UseMyWallet except it doesn’t require an invitation to join. Once you create an eWalletXpress account, you can then fund it using your checking account, money order, bank wire or 900Pay.

If you plan on depositing a small amount, you can deposit up to $750 with a flat $10 fee. If you would like to deposit larger amounts, it’s recommended that you use a bank wire because it only has a $15 flat fee.

You can then withdraw your money through a bank transfer. It takes about 7-10 days to get your money and there is a 10% fee. The fee is a bit high but it maxes out at $150. Even if you win a six figure jackpot, your maximum withdrawal fee would be $150.

Western Union Transer To US Online Casinos

Western Union is useful for depositing physical cash at an online casino. Once you initiate a Western Union deposit, you will be given instructions that you take with you to your local Western Union station. You can then deposit your cash at the station and your account will be credited.

This deposit method is a bit inconvenient but it’s fast, simple and it allows you to use actual cash to deposit. You can also make withdrawals via Western Union at casinos that accept it as a deposit method.