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Because current legislation in the United States and in certain other countries is somewhat foggy concerning the legality of online gaming, many online sites around the world have ceased accepting credit card deposits from gamers in those countries. Because many of the country's top online casino sites no longer permit debit or credit card deposits from online casino players who are U.S. residents, online gaming in the United States has been particularly affected by this situation.

Best Wire Transfer Casino Sites

In addition, a number of online casino sites in other countries also refuse to process credit and debit card deposits from citizens of the United States. This situation is similar to that being faced by citizens of many other countries around the world where online casino gaming has either been made illegal or where governing authorities have not determined the legality of online casino play for real money. It can therefore be something of a challenge to find an acceptable method of real money payment to online casino providers in those countries. For this reason, it is critical to investigate the various options available before making a decision regarding an online funding method.

Wire Transfer Casino Sites

The best casinos for making a casino deposit with a wire transfer from your bank account are listed below, we hope to improve and update this page as more online casinos accepting wire transfers join our reccomended list. As wire transfers tend to be best for high roller players looking to deposit large amounts into online casinos, we only reccomend depositing via Wire Transfer at online casino sites that are listed below.

Wire Transfer Casino Deposit

When funding a real money online casino account, a wire transfer may be the most depositing option for online casino gamers who face this type of issue.  Wire transfers are conducted electronically from a customer’s personal bank account, via a third-party payment processor, to an online account.  The funds may be transferred from the customer’s checking or savings account, or may even be paid with an in-person cash deposit at the time of the transaction.

However, wire transfers are rarely considered cost-effective for online real money account deposits when other options are available.  They can be a viable alternative, though, in a case where your online casino account rejects your debit or credit card deposits.  When compared to most other funding methods, fees associated with a wire transfer tend to be rather high.  Oftentimes these fees are charged not by the online casino provider, but by the issuing bank.  As a matter of fact, many online casino sites will waive such fees or even reimburse them if you deposit a sufficient amount.  It is important that you first check directly with your online casino provider to determine their policies regarding deposits via wire transfer.

Be sure to include your name, account number, and any other required personal identification number (PIN) or account details when making a wire transfer to your online casino account.  Your online casino provider can give you information regarding any additional steps you may need to take to get your wire transfer deposit authorized and successfully completed.